EventCity, Manchester
29 & 30 March 2017
The Greater Manchester Skills, Careers and Apprenticeships Show



WorldSkills UK competitions help young people to develop world-class skills and improve standards in industry.

During the Choices show, students from colleges in the Greater Manchester Colleges Group took part in ten specially-designed skills competitions to help identify the region’s most talented young people across a range of skills key to regions growing success.

Set at the heart of Choices, these competitions inspired and engaged students visiting the event and motivated them to explore where skills competitions could take them.



Please see below the descriptions and content for the 2017 competitions



Hospitality & Lifestyle Zone


Hairdressing & Media Make-up


Hairdressers are creative technicians who apply their skills in styling hair to meet the customer needs. Competitors need to create a commercial cut, style and a blow dry finish on real models, and will be judged on the skills used. Make-up Artists will be creating a total image on their models around the theme of ‘The Movies’.


Nail Artistry


Nail Technicians create artistic designs on nails through painting and nail art, gel polishing, sculpting and building nail extensions to meet the client needs. Competitors are using nail art and extensions, along with mood boards, to demonstrate their research skills around the theme of ‘The Movies’.




Catering can be found not just in hotels, restaurants and take aways, but also in large organisations who provide on site cafeterias for their staff, schools and college canteens, sports stadiums, large supermarkets, garden centres and even museums and libraries. You can progress from a Kitchen Porter or Assistant through Commis Chef up to Head Chef. The pinnacle of any Chefs career is to achieve a Michelin star which leads to world wide fame in the industry.


Media, Creative, IT & Enterprise Zone


Art & Design


Artists and Designers shape the way we see and experience the world. Every day we use, wear, watch and explore a world that has been deliberately designed to make us feel inspired, motivated and connected to emotions and feelings. Competitors will be designing and constructing a piece of artwork inspired by famous Artists. The purpose of the artwork is to celebrate British creativity in all its forms within the art and design world.


Digital Media


Digital Media Producers develop, plan and create digital products which communicates either information, or a story, or an idea, or a message to a specific target audience. Competitors need to develop a response to the brief which shows creativity and is effective. This requires them to think about target audiences and how best to unfold their planned production using camerawork, sounds, scriptwriting and storyboarding.


Engineering & Technology Zone


Automotive & Logistics


Logistics is about moving and storing things (including people) around the UK and the rest of the world. Logistics is not just trucks, it includes trains, buses, aeroplanes, ships and warehousing. Logistics students will practice their manoeuvring and parking skills, HGV students will be carrying out engine diagnostics on the electrical systems on the trucks. Refinishing students will be removing scratch marks from the VW beetle cars.

Choices is a partnership event brought to you by the Careers and Enterprise Company, WorldSkills UK, Prospects and key organisations in Greater Manchester.